My name is Sylaja and we live in London. One of my friend recommended Math 2 Merit Online Abacus Programme at a family function. Straightaway I contacted the Headoffice and we started the classes after a week. Before starting Abacus my daughter was good at Maths but not very confident. Initially she was not so keen because she has to do lot of homework which she is not used to. As the classes progressed, she started looking forward for the classes and her speed and confidence in Maths improved. Even in school her teachers has noticed this change. In one of the parents meeting her teacher told that my daughter is very good at Maths. All thanks to Math 2 Merit for this big improvement. She is now very confident and enjoying the confidence. She is now used to everyday homework and no longer complains. Thank you once again Math 2 Merit team for all the hard work you have put in.

Sylaja Sagiraju

"My daughter is attending online Abacus class using Skype. She is developed interest toward math compared to one to one session. Interaction is very live and all her queries are addressed without any difficulty. We are impressed with Math 2 Merit team’s dedication, punctuality, teaching skills and interaction ability. Faculty is at her top on the subject knowledge. We are lucky to choose Math 2 Merit Abacus Classes."

Mrs Kori

“We have been doing Math2merit abacus programme over skype from London for nearly 2.5 years now. My son started when he was 5 and is about to complete the programme in a few weeks’ time. I don’t have enough words of praise for his teacher, who is an epitome of patience & knowledge. Inspite of being really busy, she has always been very accommodating, understanding and flexible.

The primary school curriculum in UK is not very challenging, however if you would like your child to compete for the best of secondary school exams ( grammar schools), the pressure builds up in year 4, which sometime is difficult for the kids to cope. We have recommended this programme to a lot of our friends here in UK and they all have seen real benefits for their kids. By doing this programme, my son has not only developed the necessary speed and accuracy required in Maths, but most of all – a love for numbers. Thank you Sudhaji & Math2merit.”

Kokil Gupta

My name is Sirisha and we live in UK. My seven year old son is attending the online Abacus classes conducted by Math 2 Merit from nearly a year. I was initially apprehensive about how effective the online coaching will be but was pleasantly surprised about affective it turned to be it. The while credit goes to Math 2 Merit team for meticulously going through each and every detail and making sure that he is clear with each concept before moving onto the next stage.

Faculty conduted the classes in a way to make sure that my son is completely engaged and concentrating on the topics that she is dealing with. One of the enduring qualities of sudha garu is she very proactively provides the feed back to the parents and guides them on how to work with the kid. This has helped me and my son immensely. I am very happy with the progress he made with maths problems and he now eagerly looks forward for his weekly abacus class. My sincere thanks to Math 2 Merit team for going that extra mile and ensuring that my son is confident and comfortable in each topic.

Sirisha Penmetsa
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