Math 2 Merit is offering a quality and scientifically approved concept - ABACUS. Mental Math skills through ABACUS PROGRAM, when introduced at an younger age helps a child to stand at a proficient level in math concepts. As an alternate to the routine memorization techniques in academics, Abacus based mental arithmetic gives a playful curriculum with puzzles, activities and calculations divided into 8 levels, which promotes creative skills and growth of visualization ability that leads to a stronger foundation in mathematics and other subjects too.

Math 2 Merit Kids Academy is operating through franchises in various cities of India & launching abroad.Our franchises work with a motto of creating genuine environment for students with apt infrastructure of class room combined with skill development activities, knowledge and fun.

Math 2 Merit Kids Academy with its Abacus skill development programme lays a path of success for its students and builds calculating techniques that make them attain ability to perform math using picture method while visualizing. Our course explore the hidden potential of students and enhance their intellectual capacity.

Researches proove that Abacus activates right brain effectively and it has become popular over the world after being transformed from a basic manual calculator into a highly beneficial system with immense power to enhance the brain capacity and to make learning math easy and effective.

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