1. How can Math 2 Merit Abacus program help children to improve arithmetic skills and why the program is called as overall development program?

* A child learns math concepts based on numbers and formulaes since childhood. The abstract form which is used to learn and calculate the numbers in traditional method makes a lengthy process for a child to solve a problem. Math 2 Merit uses abacus beads to relate arithmetic values in picture form and will help children to explore the unutilized potential within. By enhancing the visualization ability and multiple grasping,

2. How Abacus is used to learn speed calculation?

* Math 2 Merit Abacus program has been designed in such a way that a child's photographic memory will be awaken using the unique Abacus curriculum that is based on an instrument of beads in initial levels and later on develop arithmetic skills without instrument as well as increase numerical intuition and creative talents.

3. Is Abacus program helpful for top rank kids too?

* Yes, Math 2 Merit Abacus program helps top rankers too, to elevate their skills and to concentrate on speed and presentation.

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